New Horizons utilizes a number of learning tools and teaching methods into its overall learning plan. Each student at New Horizons is issued a Chromebook to use throughout the day. Many lessons and tests are preformed on the Chromebooks which utilize the technology in which most students understand. 

Project Based Learning

New Horizons incorporates many opportunities for project based learning. Students work in small groups to independently create projects that they can then display or present during our special assemblies. 

Kindergarten - Grade 12

Students are taught foundational concepts in lower school (K-12) and teachers teach to mastery; that is, if students do not understand a concept, the concept is re-taught until the student masters the concept. 

In upper school (6-12), our goal is to prepare students for life after they leave the school environment. Whether it is moving on to a four-year college, or into the realm of employment, New Horizons endeavors to fully prepare students for the outside world.

New Horizons is a fully accredited school through AdvancED Accreditation Commission.